Behind our Big Re-Brand: Welcome to The Printable Pony

Sit down, grab a drink (and maybe some popcorn) because it’s story time. I’ve been blogging for more than four years now and I’ve gone through quite a few changes (personally and professionally) during that time. This re-brand though is by far the biggest, and most important, update I’ve made to date.

At first, blogging was a way for me to get more out of my riding. I was part-leasing my trainer’s horse and only riding twice a week – blogging allowed me to make horses be part of my everyday life, something I desperately missed after losing my first horse.

I enjoyed blogging immensely, and quickly I wanted my little space of internet to be more than just a daily journal. I got my own domain, started taking pictures specifically for the blog and developed my voice through lots and lots of writing.

Since then, I’ve gone back and forth between attempts at monetizing the blog and keeping it as a space for my personal story. I started by trying to write blog posts for a more general audience to attract more readers, adding advertising to my site and upping my photography skills.

Then I opened an Etsy store, selling printables and patterns – as a side business to complement my blog. It was during this endeavor that I realized the two biggest issues adult amateurs like myself face are time and money. We never have enough time to get everything done and there’s never enough money to go around. I haven’t figured out how to plant a money tree yet, or how to build a time turner, but I can develop systems to help equestrians like me stay organized and I can show you how to save money by making some equestrian items yourself.

At the same time, I’ve done some freelance graphic design. I’ve created a few logos and designed some brochures – I love a new challenge and helping people develop their dreams. It’s a great outlet for me to be creative.

So this year, I decided to channel what I learned about myself, my blog and my side businesses into something more. I want to help equestrians save money by making things themselves (if they’re so inclined). I want to help adult amateurs be more organized so we can use our time to focus on more important things.

The first step is our big re-brand to The Printable Pony. I’m bringing all of my side projects together under one umbrella: blog, store and freelance services.

Once I realized what I wanted, and what I needed, the re-brand happened pretty fast. I’m really proud of our new website, and I’m super excited to share it with you today – I hope you love it as much as I do!


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