Wrapping Up Early: 2017 Year-End Goal Review

As the year draws to a close, it’s time for goal review and goal setting season. Honestly, in my equestrian life I’m ready to put 2017 behind me and move on to the next chapter so I’m starting the process early this year. I set my 2017 goals in February and reviewed them once about halfway through the year. A lot has changed since then, so let’s see how well I did, shall we?

Field Family Photo B&W

Featuring pics from our family photoshoot with Maddie Delgado Photography

Riding Goals

  • Learn shoulder-in and haunches-in
  • Improve Miles’ leg yield
  • Jump natural obstacles in the field
  • Jump 3′
  • Develop a better crest release
  • Improve sitting trot

While the year developed like nothing I ever expected, I did accomplish a lot on my list. Some of my goals (like developing a better crest release) never got addressed because I needed so much help in other areas… like going forward. In evaluating this section, I realize that while it looks like I did a lot… it didn’t feel that way because I’d lost the basics these bullet points assume: fun, confidence, moving forward off the leg. Never-the-less, it does remind me that while sometimes it feels like 2017 was an epic failure in terms of my riding, it really wasn’t. So… that’s a win, right?

Personal Goals

  • Create and stick to a workout routine
  • Be more detail-oriented at work
  • Add more religion to life

In my personal life, I made some really big changes that have stuck. I started personal training in May with twice a week sessions, and I’ve stuck with it. I really enjoy weightlifting and I’m hoping in the next 6 months to add a third gym session focused more on cardio. I’ve noticed big changes in my riding from the increased fitness too! I’ve also listened to religious podcasts and this fall we finally found a local church we like and have been attending Sunday morning services. Of course, slowing down at work and triple-checking my work is… well, a work in progress.

Moiya straight on black background

Photography by Maddie Delgado

Business Goals

  • Develop one new printable product
  • Make and sell at least 5 ribbon hangers
  • Make $1,000 in Etsy store revenue
  • Write 5 guest blog posts

Well, I ended up going a slightly different direction this year with the business… so a lot of my accomplishments aren’t on this list. I completely re-branded and re-organized my entire set of “small businesses” into this website which was a huge undertaking! I opened my own standalone online store and am making a more concentrated effort to market on social media and email. The good news is that I’ve added new printable products, PLUS my first physical product to the store and I’m THISCLOSE to reaching my revenue goal for the year!

Final Thoughts on 2017

I thought doing this review would make me feel like a failure… the year did NOT go as I’d planned at all. But honestly, it reminded me how much I accomplished despite the implosion that occurred in my relationship with Miles. I made some big changes in my personal life and my small business feels more on track than ever. Here’s to a new start in 2018!

Beavers family walking down path at Timber Run Farm

Best thing of 2017? Having the most amazing family <3 • Photography by Maddie Delgado

  • Elizabeth
    Posted at 14:25h, 13 December Reply

    I think you did a great job looking realistically at your goals. Life is uncertain and goals always need to be tweaked and morphed and organic. You are not a failure at all! I like setting goals to give myself a framework and frame of mind for the year, but well, life happens!! (Also, please make a ribbon rack because I will buy one!!) 😉

  • Stacie Seidman
    Posted at 15:19h, 13 December Reply

    Despite all the bumps in the road you really did have a great year! I love the family photos, you all look so happy!

  • L. Williams
    Posted at 16:59h, 13 December Reply

    Definitely a year of change!

  • L. Williams
    Posted at 16:59h, 13 December Reply

    Definitely a year of change and a lot to be proud of.

  • Nadia
    Posted at 03:41h, 17 December Reply

    Way to go! I think you accomplished a LOT. And those pictures are amazing!!!

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