2018 Horse Show Schedule

This year, I don’t have any concrete horse show plans. I do plan to show, but exactly when and in what classes will be completely up to Niko. That said, I do have a lot of potential horse show dates and the organized planner in me wants to put it down on paper. Plus I’ll be spectating a few events this year, so that’s always fun!

2018 Horse Show Calendar

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14-18: World Equestrian Center Winter Classic 8 “AA”
21-25: World Equestrian Center Winter Classic 9 “AA”


29-1: Brave Horse Spring I “A”


12-15: Brave Horse Spring II “A”
19-22: Brave Horse Spring III “A”


5-6: NEST Series I
16-17: NEST Series II
20: Buckeye Equestrian Events Ranch Series I
24-27: Brave Horse I “A”
31-3: Brave Horse II “A”


10: Buckeye Equestrian Events Ranch Series II
16-17: NEST Series III
21-24: Brave Horse III “A”
30-1: New Vocations Charity Show


19-22: Brave Horse IV “A”
28-29: NEST Series IV


11-12: NEST Series V
18-19: Buckeye Gold Classic
23-26: Brave Horse V “B”
30-2: Brave Horse VI “A”


16: Buckeye Equestrian Events Ranch Series III
23: New Albany Classic CSI 2*
26-30: Split Rock Jumping Tour CSI 2*


All American Quarter Horse Congress
3-7: Split Rock Jumping Tour CSI 3*
20-21: NEST Series VI


3-4: NEST Series VII



Team Brookside at 2017 New Vocations

Can’t wait to get back to this!

Within a few hours driving distance (and not crossing state lines!), there are two large horse show venues: the World Equestrian Center (2.5 hours) and Brave Horse (20 minutes). I haven’t shown at WEC, but it’s easy enough for me to pop over and watch some classes — so I’m really looking forward to meeting up with Olivia from Hellomylivia in February while she’s there showing.

Brave Horse is just down the road  from where I board, and it’s still a very new facility. We’ve showed there the last two years and this will probably be where I do a majority of my showing this year. It’s close with awesome facilities and they’ve added even more dates this year! I probably won’t be looking at attending anything until the end of May or June, but it’s nice to know there are more options. NEST (North East Show Time) is a local, unrated series hosted at a few different venues throughout the year. I’d hoped to attend last year, but the timing just didn’t work out. I’d love to attend one of these dates this year, to support the local show circuit. From all accounts, they host a fun and well-organized show!

Mclain Ward at New Albany Classic 2017

Mclain Ward at the 2017 New Albany Classic

The Buckeye Equestrian Events Ranch Series is hosted at Eden Park Equestrian Complex, the same place where a few of the NEST shows were held last year. Rebecca (Diary of the Overanxious Horse Owner) competes at these events. Being the terrible blogger I am, I never made it to one of these last year but I’m determined to meet up with her there this year!

Finally I’ve got some big events to go spectate this year: All American Quarter Horse Congress is of course always on my list! I live 30 minutes away and am always happy to host anyone to wants to come to the area! There are tons of events going on, great shopping and I promise to be an excellent hostess!! I’m also looking forward to attending the New Albany Classic Grand Prix, an invitation-only event which features just one class of some of the best riders in the world, as well as two Split Rock Jumping Tour dates, one of which will include a Longines FEI World Cup Qualifier class!

  • Stampy and the Brain
    Posted at 13:00h, 11 January Reply

    One of my goals this year is to make it back to visit you and meet Niko! Hoping for good things from our baby horses this year!

  • Olivia
    Posted at 13:47h, 11 January Reply

    YASS can’t wait to meet up finally!! Just a few more weeks, Frankie and I are so excited!

  • Stacie Seidman
    Posted at 17:44h, 11 January Reply

    It’s great that there are so many fab events in the middle of the country now! I’m dying to at least visit the WEC. It sounds really incredible and I know of quite a few friends showing there this year.

  • Liz
    Posted at 21:32h, 11 January Reply

    What a full schedule! You’ve got a lot of fun ahead of you this year, it sounds like. I can’t wait to see your media from some of these events!

  • L. Williams
    Posted at 21:52h, 11 January Reply

    It’s always good to keep a full schedule so you can move things around as needed!

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